How to regulate Neihuowang

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How to adjust the internal fire ? What should I eat? Don't worry, this article will introduce you in detail:

First, let's take a look at what should be eaten in Neihuowang.

1. Drink a glass of honey water every morning after getting up, and eat two cloves of grapefruit every day, which is effective for a few days.

2. After eating a greasy and spicy hot pot, eating a few slices of grapefruit can help to nourish yin and eliminate fire, and strengthen the spleen and digestion.

3, autumn food grapefruit is just right.

4. Among the many autumn fruits, grapefruit can be regarded as the largest, generally more than one kilogram. It matures around August 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar every year, and the skin is thick and resistant to storage. Therefore, it has a "canned natural fruit". Called.

5, grapefruit has a high nutritional value, contains very rich protein, organic acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements of the human body, which is unmatched by other fruits.

How to regulate Neihuowang
How does Neihuowang regulate the eating of Neihuowang (Image source: Photograph Network)

6. As far as food is concerned, "bitter" food is the natural enemy of "fire". The bitter food is bitter because it contains bitter substances such as alkaloids and urea. Traditional Chinese medicine research has found that these bitter substances have the effect of relieving heat and relieving heat and eliminating fatigue. The best bitter food is the first bitter gourd. Whether it is cold, fried or soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked without losing "blue", the purpose of "going to the fire" can be achieved. In addition to bitter gourd , there are other bitter foods that also have a good "de-fire" effect, such as almonds, bitter vegetables, bitter tea, celery, kale, etc., can also clear away heat and relieve heat.

7, in addition to eating more bitter food, summer fruits and vegetables, but also eat more sweet and refreshing fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Experts point out that cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, and grape are rich in minerals , especially high in calcium, magnesium, and silicon, and have the magical effect of calming and reducing fire. Therefore, you should eat more and often in summer Eat these foods.

Let ’s take a look at how to adjust the internal fire.

In addition, let's take a look at the "de-fire" foods recommended by experts:

⊙Milk Many people think that drinking milk in the summer will aggravate "getting angry" and cause irritability. In fact, not only will drinking milk in summer not "get angry", but also relieve fever and irritate the liver. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold, and it can play a role of "de-fire" by nourishing yin and detoxifying, and milk contains up to 70% of water, and can supplement the water lost by the human body due to a lot of sweating in summer. It is important not to freeze the milk into ice cubes, or many nutrients will be destroyed.

⊙Strawberries Strawberries are not only delicious, but also medicinal. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of "removing fire" and can clear heat, relieve fever, and relieve annoyance.

How to regulate Neihuowang
How does Neihuowang regulate the eating of Neihuowang (Image source: Photograph Network)

⊙Watermelon Watermelon is cool in nature. It will not cause "fire" and upset if you eat it, and it is rich in potassium, which can make up for the lack of potassium in the body caused by the body. But be careful not to put watermelon in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours.

⊙Soybeans Soybeans can replenish protein that has been consumed in large quantities due to high temperature, while nourishing yin and "de-fire".

Although tomatoes are visible all year round, tomatoes are the most abundant in summer, the sweetest, and the most nutritious. It can also clear heat and detoxify, and relieve liver.

Stomach for nourishing stomach and anticancer——lily

Lily is a well-known health food and commonly used Chinese medicine. Because of its clump of bulb bulbs, "dozens of tablets are like each other," it looks like a white lotus, hence the name "lily". People often regard lily as a symbol of solidarity, friendship and harmony. In folk festivals, folks often donate lilies to each other or make lilies into food such as cakes and treat guests. Cantonese prefer to boil syrup with lilies and lotus seeds to nourish their lungs and righteousness.

Chinese medicine believes that Lily has a slightly bitter taste, is flat, enters the heart and lung meridians, has the functions of nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and soothing the nerves. , Lung abscess, etc .; or when you feel too hot after eating fried, fried, fried food. The famous prescription "Lily Gujin Decoction (Pill)" for treating the symptoms of lung injury, sore throat, cough, sputum, phlegm and blood, etc., uses lily as the main medicine, and is compatible with raw and mature land, Ophiopogon, Fritillaria, etc. At present, Lily group prescription is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat oral ulcers, Behcet's syndrome, chronic sore throat, and tuberculosis.

How to regulate Neihuowang
How does Neihuowang adjust what Neihuowang eats (Image source: Photograph Network)

Modern analysis shows that lily mainly contains various alkaloids such as colchicine and protein, fat, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, β-carotene and other nutrients. Gong, especially for the frail, neurasthenia and other symptoms. Generally, 120 grams of fresh lily can be used, and the honey is steamed and softened, and it usually contains 1 slice to eat. Or use a few fresh lilies, pound the juice, drink with warm water, or cook.

Clinical observations have found that lily-based treatment of stomach pain is indeed effective. For example, hot stomach pain, 20 grams to 30 grams of lily, dandelion, 10 grams of black medicine, fried green peel, and fried Wulingzhi, 1 dose per day. , Decoction, serving after dinner; those who have severe pain take 1 dose each in the morning and afternoon. Stomach pain and heat pain, 30 grams of lily can be used, 9 grams of black medicine, decoction. For the treatment of atrophic gastritis, 30 grams of lily, 15 grams of peony and safflower, 20 grams each of Huaishan and Astragalus, 9 grams of black medicine, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 5 grams of licorice , 3 grams of Coptis chinensis, can be added or subtracted as needed. Take 1 dose daily; 3 months is a course of treatment with good results.

How to adjust the internal fire? Recommend two very effective methods for everyone:

Dismissal recommendations:

Tremella Sydney

The weather is dry and people get angry just a little bit. Serious not only will dry mouth, but also upset, and some people will lose their temper due to virtual fire. Therefore, in the autumn diet, you should pay attention to the fire, eat less food that is easy to get angry, eat more food that nourishes and moisturizes the lungs, and nourish the lungs, and autumn fruits. Detox beauty.

Ingredients: dragon fruit, white fungus, fungus, Sydney.

Excipients: rock sugar, green beans, wolfberry.


1. Soak the white fungus and fungus in boiling water, pick and wash it clean, take the flesh of the dragon fruit, and use the shell for later use. Cut the dragon fruit and Sydney into even pieces.

2. Fill the chopped dragon fruit, Sydney with tremella, fungus and rock sugar with water and simmer for an hour. Meanwhile, the green beans are cooked and set aside.

How to regulate Neihuowang
How does Neihuowang regulate the eating of Neihuowang (Image source: Photograph Network)

3. Put the stewed soup into the dragon husk and sprinkle with green beans and wolfberry.

Detoxification effect: clearing heat, reducing phlegm, and moisturizing the lungs, it can help smokers and drinkers to expel toxins.

Second, do not stay up late, go to bed early, it is best to go to bed before 23:00

This is difficult to do, especially in summer. But professional doctors remind everyone that summer is exactly the season when you need to ensure that you sleep before 23:00. Because 23:00 to 1 am is the time for blood to return to the liver. If you do n’t sleep, it means that the liver is forced to continue to work, plus external climate factors. Therefore, “I should not sleep or feel emotionally irritable” is particularly obvious in summer. .

What to do if I stay up all night and get acne

1. Drink water to the skin

Staying up late is prone to oily skin. In fact, it is because the skin is dehydrated. If it is not treated in time, oil will accumulate and acne will grow. Therefore, it is necessary to add moisture to the skin in time. After cleaning the facial skin, a hydrating mask can be applied to quickly rehydrate the skin, control the secretion of oil, prevent the formation of acne, and moisturize the skin. In addition, when staying up late, keep the indoor air open and have a certain humidity to prevent skin dryness. You can put a humidifier in the room.

2. Stay up late and drink plenty of water

Every night between 12:00 and 2 o'clock is the detoxification time of the liver of the body. If you stay up late during this time, it is easy to cause the body toxins to be unable to be excreted from the body, leading to liver heat and fire, and also the main cause of acne. Therefore, people who stay up late to get angry easily can drink more water when staying up late. It is best to reduce fire, such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum tea, etc., which can effectively prevent getting angry and lowering acne.

3. Supplement Vitamin C

Staying up late will cause the skin's collagen to be lost. Supplementing foods containing vitamin C or collagen at dinner will help the skin to restore elasticity and gloss. Animal skins (such as trotters and pigskins) are rich in collagen, and a lot of fruits are rich in vitamin C. You can also take 1 tablet of vitamin C orally.

4. Late to sleep and not to wash late

Most people who stay up late and get acne-prone skin are mostly oily skin, mainly because the face secretes too much oil, and the sebaceous glands secrete too vigorously, causing acne to form on the skin pores, which results in acne. Therefore, when staying up late, be sure to clean the face oil in time, do not wait to clean the skin before going to bed, clean the skin as early as possible, so as to reduce the burden on the skin and prevent acne.

How to adjust Neihuowang? What is good for Neihuowang? I hope the above introduction will help you!

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